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"While We Are Together" CD or mp3. A live concert by Too Tall String Band
Celtic, Folk, Adirondack, String Band & Bluegrass! Something For Every Musical Taste!
Get the feel of being at a Too Tall String Band concert. Some of our favorite tunes recorded live from 2007-2010!

To Order Send Your Address & A Check for $15 To: "Too Tall String Band" 3401 State Route 9 Peru NY 12972. Tax & Shipping Included

You may also purchase the album in mp3 form by sending $10 to the address above or through Venmo to @LostChordMusic. We will then send you the tracks via email.
While We Are Together CD cover
While We Are Together CD Cover

While We Are Together CD Inside Cover
CD Inside Cover, Band Pictures

While We Are Together CD Tray Insert