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Live? CD

LIVE? is the name of our 2nd Too Tall CD with Rod, Hap and Al Reisman

Seventeen of our favorite tracks are performed live at a number of concerts by the Too Tall String Band throughout 2000-2002.

You can order this Too Tall CD...just click on the "Contact Us Page".

Here's the rundown on the CD tracks.

1) The Preacher & The Bear (Traditional Adirondack)
2) Arrgh (Pirate Song- Tom Mckenzie)
3) The Bluebird Song (Jean Ritchie)
4) Golden Slippers (Traditional Fiddle Tune)
5) Yuppie Life (Hap Wheeler. Pokes Fun At Baby Boomers)
6) The Escape of Old John Webb (Rev. War song)
7) Rally Round The Flag (George Root- Civil War Song)
8) Little Beggar Man (Traditional Irish)
9) Fiddler's Green (Traditional Irish)
10) Stay On The Farm (Traditional Grange Song)
11) Rant & Roar (Traditional Sea Shanty)
12) Wood (About Cutting Wood & Procrastination)
13) Soldier's Joy (Traditional Fiddle Tune)
14) The Log Driver's Waltz (Wade Hemsworth)
15) MTA (About The Early 20th Century Boston Subway Protest)
16) Round The Mount'n (How To Talk North Country! WhyAAAAAAAS U! by Rod & Al)
17)The Parting Glass (Traditional Irish)